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German-Thai Cooperation Project to Promote the Sustainable Development of Cluster Farms in Thailand

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DLG International and its partner Agriculture and Finance Consultants are implementing the new German-Thai cooperation project to promote sustainable development of cluster farms in Thailand. The project is initiated and supported by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) and the Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC). In its first phase it will run from September 2020 to August 2023.

The project aims at strengthening cluster farms in selected districts with regard to a powerful, efficient, resource-saving and entrepreneurial agriculture. Cluster-farms consist of a minimum of 30 small-scale farms, which are cooperating in areas such as production and marketing. Up to now, about 6,000 cluster farms have been established by MOAC.

The project is cooperating with the Department of Agricultural Extension to develop and implement modern cluster farm specific extension concepts to be applied by Governmental Agencies at local level to support the development of cluster farms with tailored concepts for cluster farm management and collaboration of its members implementing a future-oriented agricultural praxis. Eight cluster farms with 4 different lead crops in 4 different Provinces had been selected as pilot farms for the implementation of the extension, management, and agricultural concepts.

"Key for the future development of cluster farms in Thailand is strengthening the capacity of the management of the cluster farms to successfully develop and implement joint activities of its members on improving agricultural production, procurement of inputs and machines as well as selling of their products. Our vision is, that cluster farms implement modern agricultural technology and interact with suppliers and customers similar to large farms."  Karsten Ziebell

DLG is convinced that this initiative highly contributes to the modernization of the agricultural market in Thailand. It clearly represents a new chapter in the bilateral cooperation.

Download the official factsheet here (language: german)




Dr Sukunya Tukeaw white.webp

Dr. Sukunya Tukeaw

Coordinator DOAE

Karsten Ziebell.png

Karsten Ziebell

Team Leader

Johannes Buschmeier.jpg

Johannes Buschmeier


Arusa Vongtanetra.webp

Arusa Vongtanetra

Long-Term Expert

Johannes Geisen.jpg

Johannes Geisen


Mild White.webp

Yaraporn Youngsapanan

Project Assistant

Katharina Staske.jpg

Katharina Staske


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Cassava Workshop at Dan Khun Thod 110320
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Cassava Workshop at Dan Khun Thod 110320
Cassava Workshop at Dan Khun Thod 110320

Implemented by

Project Initiators

German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture

Executive Officer, Division 624, International Projects, Twinning

MOAC engl I.jpg

Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC)

Director of Bureau of Foreign Agricultural Affairs (BOFAA)

General Agency of BMEL

GFA Consulting Group

Ms. Anna CULCA

Project Manager

Implementing Partner

Department of Agriculture Extension


Expert in Vegetable, Floriculture and Herb Promotion and Management

Implementing Agency

The implementation of the German-Thai cooperation project for the promotion of sustainable development of cluster farms in Thailand the Federal Ministry had been awarded by the BMEL in agreement with MOAC by the General Agency GFA to the implementing Agency AFC Agriculture & Finance Consultants (lead) in consortium with DLG International GmbH.

Consirtium AFCi Logo.jpg

Agriculture and Finance Consultants GmbH (AFC) 

Mr. Johannes Geisen

Baunscheidtstr. 17,

D-53113 Bonn

Tel: 0228 923940 00

Fax: 0228 923940 98



DLG International GmbH (DLG)

Eschborner Landstraße 122

Ms. Katharina Staske

D-60489 Frankfurt/M.

Tel: 069-24 788-0

Fax: 069-24 788-112


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